Water as an element of Interior Design in House Construction

The soft melody of the waters rippling waves in the pond; a peaceful plunge in the pool on a cloudy evening; beautiful water lilies greeting you a serene welcome; water can weave wonders. Water is a rather interesting element to incorporate in your home interiors and adds a soft touch to your vibrant living.

The fluidity and transparency associated with waters is sure to elevate the beauty of your home interiors. Below are a few tips and tricks to make it work with water.

1. Lilly Pond

Lily ponds are a great idea to go for if you wish to inculcate nature’s spell and warmth in your home ambience. Suited for front yards, entrance foyers, or around living areas, lily ponds are a great way to sprinkle some colour and some softness in rigid interiors.

With the arresting presence of landscaping complete with a dash of olive green leaves and pink blossoms, you are good to go.

Lilly Pond in your Living Room
Lilly Pond in your Backyards

2. Swimming Pool

If you are someone who wishes to opt for a lavish living, the mandatory inclusion of a swimming pool in your house goes without saying. Swimming pools do not have to look like the ones in Olympic stadia or that club for children.

No. A swimming pool could be as you want it to be – rectangular, circular, or any form you would love it to be; you could give it a beach feel. Or you could plan parties alongside. There could be formal and informal seating, or an open-air dining for special occasions. Oh, and you could definitely swim at any hour of the day.

Swimming Pool inside the House

3. Fountain

Everybody loves water fountains, don’t they? So how about a fountain to liven up your home? A fountain in your backyard or somewhere close to the house entrance is passé. There are several ways to introduce the magic of fountains within your home interiors and jazz things up a bit.

These indoor fountains come in numerous variations. Some are the traditional spray fountains, some artificial falls, while some water channels that pour water into a pool. Whatever form it takes, fountains are a rather interesting element to play with. Easy to recycle used water, fountains make use of motors for driving the water-flow.

Indoor Water Fountains

4. Cascade

By cascades, we refer to artificial waterfalls that would work brilliantly for your backyards, gardens or even your living rooms. They might use artificial or natural rocks as miniature mountains, or could even be improvised using pottery, showpieces and the like.

Cascades are a growing trend when it comes to refurbishing interiors with elements of fluidity combined with hardscape. So go on and get one! Recycling is an easy option. The use of motors for artificial waterfalls is common.

Cascade -Artificial Waterfalls inside House or Backyard

5. Caustics

An interesting trick indeed! The basic concept behind caustics is to use the power of reflection on surfaces – walls, floors and ceilings, to achieve a luminous effect that provides a beautiful visual texture to interiors. The flowing water creates beautiful imageries which are sure to give your home a novel twist.

Achieving visual texture by using Water

6. Aquariums

Aquariums can be given a fancy twist and how! One of the commonest forms of water decor implied in homes, aquariums can be built-in with walls, with tables, underneath stairs, and every other place you can imagine. It adds a twerky twist to your interiors and at the same time is a joy to observe!

Aquariums Built within Furniture
Aquariums Built within Walls

7. Water Curtains

Another novel form of decor, water curtains can be suitably used indoors as well as outdoors for the sake of achieving a beauty like no other. Jets of water flow down like a curtain and may act as a separation between two adjacent spaces.They may be used for their property of translucence.

They could alternatively be used in backyards and garden as a landscape element. Within living rooms they are used as an attention-grabbing feature that provides an all-new definition to your home design. The water can be easily recycled.