Why You Should Install a Headboard in Your Bedroom?

a headboard in bedroom

A headboard in a bedroom serves both functional and aesthetic purposes. Ever since it was invented in Ancient Egypt, its design style has changed numerous times.

But the general appearance of the headboard as well the original idea behind its installation remains the same. Headboards are available in a variety of shapes and sizes that decorate the beds.

From artistic to minimal and simple to extravagant, these headboards are extremely important to elevate the aesthetics of a bedroom.

However, it is imperative to know that there are several other purposes that a headboard serves. Here we will know more about headboards and why you should have one in your bedroom.

Beautiful picture of bedroom with headboard

What is a Headboard?

A headboard is a decorative piece of furniture installed at the top of a bed. It works by attaching to the wall behind or to the bed. Headboards are made using a variety of materials to cater to the needs of the customers. A few common materials used for making headboards are wood, metal, natural fibers, upholstery, and leather.

Types of Headboard:

Based on its physical appearance, there are three types of headboards.

Wall Mounted Headboard:

Also, known as a “floating headboard”, it is mounted to the wall rather than being attached to a bed frame with the help of a screw or a mounting system. It serves the same purpose as any other headboard, which is to provide cushioning behind your bed and aesthetic appeal to your bedroom. A wall-mounted headboard gives a modern and contemporary look, some even covering the entire height of the wall.

Headboard in bedroom

Bed Frame Mounted Headboard:

Some of the readymade or customized bed frames have headboards attached to them. The brackets on the legs of the headboards allow them to attach directly to the back of an existing bed frame. Therefore, the final product ends up being seamless and sturdy.

view of Bed frame mounted headboard

Freestanding Headboard:

Also known as “floor standing headboard”, it conveniently stands behind your bed. Most people prefer them to be more sturdy and unable to move freely. So, they secure the headboards by putting them in place and then screwing them through the legs of the bedpost.

image of free standing headboard

Materials Used for Making Headboards:

Wooden Headboards:

Wood is timeless, versatile, as well as flexible. It can be used in both traditional and modern bedrooms, depending on the preference of the user.

The type of wood you choose plays a major role in determining the texture, quality, and longevity of your bed and headboard.

Some of the best hardwoods to choose from are mahogany, walnut, maple, birch, teak, oak, and so on. Moreover, if you want to go for softwood since they are cheaper than hardwood, then cedar, pine, juniper, redwood, and spruce are some of the good options.

bedroom picture with wooden headboard


  • Easy to wipe and clean so it will not retain allergens such as dust particles.
  • It provides a wide range of styling options with several types of wood finishing.
  • It lasts much longer as compared to fabric headboards.
  • Adds warmth and earthy touch to your bedroom.


  • An important function of a headboard is to provide back comfort when leaning on it. In this case, the hardness of the wood is not preferable.
  • Wood is quite heavy so moving it around is challenging.
  • A low-quality wood is susceptible to termite attacks.

Upholstered Headboards:

Upholstered headboards are only found in modern bedrooms and are mainly used in luxurious settings. They are primarily meant for providing comfort and elegance to a room.

Cotton and linen are the most common natural fabrics used for an upholstered headboard since they are organic with good anti-microbial properties. A few other fabrics used for making upholstered headboards are polyester, chenille, leather, and velvet.

Upholstered Headboards view in bedroom


  • It provides numerous options in the choice of fabrics, styles, and colors.
  • An upholstered headboard is the only type of headboard that provides comfort when sitting up in bed.
  • It creates a statement in your bedroom without having the need to add any other decorative elements such as wall hangings.


  • It is a germ magnet since it traps clouds of dust inside it, which is difficult to clean. This in turn attracts dust mites, which is not suitable for people with allergies.
  • The thick padding of the upholstered headboard takes up more square footage as compared to wood or metal. So, it can end up creating a tight space in your bedroom.
  • An upholstered headboard is highly unsuitable for pet owners. Pets tend to scratch the fabrics from clawing and their fur will likely get stuck on it. Microfiber is the best option if you want an upholstered headboard despite having pets.

Metal Headboards:

Metal headboards are popular due to their contemporary look. They can be molded into any shape or style including curvy styles to give an antique feel. Usually, when a metal headboard is used, it is attached to the bed frame.

Wrought iron, brass metal, brushed aluminum, and stainless steel are the common metals used in metal headboards and bed frames. These metals are long-lasting and less susceptible to corrosion.


  • It is very low maintenance since it is easy to clean and insusceptible to termites and pests.
  • A metal headboard is best for pet owners since their furry friends won’t have a chance of ruining it with their claws.
  • Compared to the other types of headboards, a metal headboard is a lot cheaper.


  • The lack of comfort provided by metal headboards is even more than wooden headboards.
  • Metal beds increase your exposure to electrical pollution or electromagnetic fields (EMF), causing health problems and disruption in sleep.
  • Even a high-quality metal is prone to corrosion or paint wearing off in humid regions.

Do You Need a Headboard in Your Bedroom?

Except for upholstered headboards, all the other types are merely used for aesthetic purposes. However, decorating a room isn’t only limited to installing a headboard. Those who cannot afford high-quality headboards, but still want to have a beautiful room, can come up with other ways to decorate the wall behind their beds.

That said, it is always better to have a headboard for a cozy and contained bed environment. Apart from the comfort and visual appeal provided by headboards, they are also great storage options for those who lack shelves or nightstands. 

headboard in bedroom

Is it Expensive to Install a Headboard?

In general, we cannot say that headboards are expensive. Depending on your preference, it can even be as low as 4,000 rupees or as high as 75,000 rupees. If you have a low budget, yet still want a headboard, then go for simple designs and cheaper materials.

For those who already have an existing bed frame, they can come up with several affordable ways to have a headboard.

It is not necessary for them to have one attached to their beds since there is always an option of having a wall-mounted or a free-standing bed frame.

By- Tulisha srivastava