Effective views of Artificial Lights to make Your Home Elegant

An interior space, with Artificial, is a space of stories. Spaces that collaborate with you rather than isolation. Collaboration to such an extent that it will dissolve in your heart & show you what magic is. Magic not as an implausible clause but as real. Continue reading to know how artificial lights make the reality diminish & magic flourish by introducing the whole world around you.

1. Make Use of Different Lighting Methods

Along with General Lighting, there are more methods to change the ambience and set the mood. Lighting should be designed in a way that it can be used for various purposes.

Task lighting, whether you are reading a book or cooking a meal it helps you to see what are you doing and execute it clearly. It helps you to avoid strain on the eye. With task lighting, you can keep the bathroom area, kitchen, & your study table lit. So on you can go with Accent lighting, Cove lighting, etc.

Task lighting in the kitchen

2. Notice What you Notice

Are the lights of your home in one tone?  And all of your collections are still hidden in ample amount of light. You should probably go with accent lighting. It provides a stage for your collection and the audience won’t go without noticing it.

Just like how sunlight is to a tree, these lights are sunlight for the objects. You can highlight a painting or an object, a wall or a clock, Skirting or a staircase. Just keep in mind to maintain the ratio with the overall lighting.

Lights highlighting sculptures on the staircase
Cove lighting installed below the shelves in TV stand

3. Use Wall Washers to Highlight the Textures

Wall washers are getting popular. They are the new trend in highlighting the walls. Whether you want to highlight the surface or give emphasize to the dead wall, wall washers is the answer.

Wall washers take the mood to a new level by emphasizing the texture on the vertical surface. Wall washers are very useful for both indoors & outdoors. They are used to enhance the elevation of a structure at the same time give life to a dead wall in the indoors.

Here, the light enhances the wave texture & gives it a completely new meaning by giving depth to the shadows.

Wall lights to hightlight the texuture of wall

4. Light Up the Floor

Ever thought your flooring is boring? So why not light it up & create a dramatic space. It is more feasible to run wires through the floor rather than on ceiling. Lights on the floor can be used in passages & corridors or as wall washers. They can be used as a task by highlighting the risers & treads of staircases for providing a better vision.

Strip lights installed from floor to ceiling in passage
Flooring lights installed in bathroom

5. Use of Cove Lights to Setup the Mood

Cove lighting can bring life & make the most uninspiring home elegant. It is used along with general lighting for aesthetic appeal & completely changes the mood of the space by setting up a calm glow.

You can use cove lighting the way you want as it is way cheaper and flexible. Cove lighting is aesthetically appealing but at the same time, it is functional. With cove lighting, any room can be rendered with an elegant touch.

Cove lights installed in bedroom false ceiling
Cove lights installed on wooden cladded wall

6. Use Light at the Right Place

Sometimes sitting on the sofa, ever wondered something is disturbing you? Is something straining your eye? Then just look at the lights. Too much of it & too less of it both the things are harmful to you.

As a result, use it wherever required & most importantly use it at the right place. Here, the light is built under the railing bar, highlighting the bar, illuminating the staircase at the same time giving the aesthetic appeal.

In the same way, with proper execution dark spots can be avoided completely by using the light at the right place.

lights installed in handrail of a staircase

7. Artificial Light with a Concept

Artificial lights without concept are just normal lighting. All the lights are readily available in the market, for a change you can design you own fixtures & design the way you want to light up space by clubbing the available fixtures with your form & design.

Many times you have a dead corner in a room which doesn’t have a defined function. In this case, you can fill it with a concept or a light sculpture that will completely change the meaning of the space. And a Sculpture of lights is like desert meeting the rains.

Here, you see the sculpture will have a totally new meaning in the day but at night it provides a whole new ambience of nocturnal lights. As if the spaces were only meant for the night.

Concept lighting like water flowing from a pipe to bucket
Concept lighting installed in a passage

Every element is alive in the day. What about the nocturnal activity?  That is where artificial lights enter. Artificial lights give rebirth to space by bringing it back to life at night.

The above points are the ways you can use artificial lights to the most optimum limit and at the same time maintain the beauty and ambience Light is such an element that whichever point you choose and go ahead with it will definitely create an impact & take your interiors to the next level.

– Ovais Bhati