Electrical Saving Appliances For Future Homes

We often talk about Green buildings or sustainable building designs in the future because we know that the resources which we are using today to produce all these energies which run our day to day lives will someday end and our future generations would have to struggle a lot even for their daily basic needs if today we will not think about living the sustainable way of life.

So apart from the sustainable building options we need to focus on producing smart energy saving products which are used in our day to day lives because we cannot stop using these products in our day to day lives so why not make them in such a way that these products would know our needs and they will be connected to us and our needs.

A lot of our future appliances are assumed to be run through smart phones and internet which is great for the technology as well as nature because the more the fossil fuels will be used to produce energy the more it will be harmful for the nature as well as human health.

Technology is the only solution to progress in future so we need the right use of it. We need energy to source our lives in many ways from electrical to water energy. So let us see how we can make these future smart energy saving products.

1. Magnetic energy Saving refrigerator

A refrigerator is one of the most energy consuming device after your air conditioner, from 100 of year’s refrigerators has worked on the principle of Vapor Compression which uses coolants to cool our food which is eventually harmful for the environment due to the carbon emission.

According to a research these energy saving refrigerators would run my magnetic effect where the temperature will raise and go down by changing the magnetic field.

This refrigerator will particularly use a water- based cooling fluid, making it more energy efficient as there will be less carbon emission.

Working of Magnetic refrigerator
Magnetic Refrigerator

2. Sensor Window Controllers

This system will automatically control the shield on the window be it curtain, blinds or anything else just by sensing the sunlight outside.

In the day time when it will have a sense of bright sun outside it will raise up the shield automatically ensuring ample amount of sunlight in the home without any extra efforts by the user so even if you are busy will some work or you are simply feeling lazy to go raise up those shields on the window this sensor device will automatically do so.

Window blinds with controllers
Windows controlled by a Mobile application

3. Smart Fans

Often it happens that we use the fan even when we sometimes do not require it simply because we are too lazy to switch off that button or sometimes we lower the speed according to our room temperature.

But smart energy saving fans works the same way as the window controllers smart fans will be connected directly through a sensor which will sense the outside temperature and compare it with the inside one and after analyzing the air need in the room only then it will start functioning otherwise not.

It will also sense the speed requirement of the room according to the temperature and all of this will be easily controlled through some apps on our smart phones.

Smart Fans that reduces power consumption

4. Solar Charger

It is a great way to prevent a lot energy from getting wasted as solar chargers will use the energy of the sun to charge our basic devices at home like phones, tablets, cameras and other digital devices, all these devices must have a USB port.

This solar charger will have batteries inside it and it can be installed outside the house so that throughout the day it will charge its batteries and then you can pull out the energy from those batteries to charge your devices, this is an extremely intelligent energy saving hack.

Solar Mobile charging devices

5. Electricity Monitor

This is again an amazing invention as it will tell you how much electricity you use on timely basis and which devices in the house consumes the maximum and minimum energy so that you can work and decide yourself and save energy and those high electricity bills.

It will also tell you how much carbon dioxide you alone are causing to the These have both wire and wireless versions you can install one according to your choice at your home, office, MNC or any space you want.

Electricity and Carbon dioxide emission monitor

6. Night Lights

Lighting affect our power consumption by almost 25-30 percent, and most of us always think how we can save those extra bucks by reducing lights in our house. Night light is the solution for this not only it looks attractive as it can have different colors but it is also energy saving.

They mostly help us in saving electricity because they have a lower wattage generally 4-6 watt where as traditional lights have 50 to 100 watts though LED ‘s also consume less around 30 to 60 watt but there is no comparison of night lights . They can work 24 hours 365 days. Their installation process and initial costs are also less what else do we want?

You can install these on the most visiting areas of the house like near the main door or hallway, kid’s room bathrooms and kitchen.

Energy Saving Night lights -1
Energy Saving Night lights -2

7. Water Saving Pot

Water is again a major concern of energy conservation it is more essential for living beings than anything else so saving it should be our primary duty for the better future. It is sensor based device which can be installed on the top of your regular tap and it can help us in saving up to 70 percent of the day to day water usage.

It has infrared sensors which makes sure when you move your hand away from the tap it will deactivate the flow and vice versa. It is eco – friendly alternative to a conventional tap.

Water saving spout attached to a normal tap-1
Water saving spout attached to a normal tap-2

8. Waste Water Collector

We all generate a lot of waste water on daily basis due to our activities in the form of toilet waste or kitchen or gardening waste. Here let us consider it as a toilet water collector so , this device has a plastic bag which can be installed on the toilet cistern which will conserve about 3 liters of water daily every time the flush is used the water collected in the bag is saved and can be treated and used for further use.

You should get this system installed by a professional so that there is no disturbance in flushing. It will save up to 33 percent of the water used in toilet and 10 percent of water used in the house daily.

A waste water collector from sink that can be later used for flushing of the commodes

9. Energy Efficient Plugs

This is again a great power saving option as plug is the basic requirement to use any electrical device. So what is Smart plug do is, you can plug your system or any device in the master socket and extensions in the side plugs, and when your system is switched off or on standby when you are not using it but the power is running then this plug will automatically be shut down. This can again save you a lot in your electrical bills.

Smart Energy saving plug points

10. Water Saving Nozzles

Apart from drinking water we also use water in various other forms on daily basis and through this process we unintentionally waste a lot of water. When we wash our hands through a normal tap a lot of waster just slips away from our hands without even doing its job and we do not even realize because of this gallons of water is wasted.

Therefore water nozzles are invented they save water till 90 percent than the normal. So a nozzle tap is a modern age device which sprinkles water in full speed in this way your work also gets done and a lot of water is saved in the process and this is only the amount of water we actually need.

An additional feature of this nozzle is it looks extremely attractive while using. The same system can be used as a shower head too with a different shape and size.

Nozzles installed for taps that disperses water and helps reduce water consumption-2
Nozzles installed for taps that disperses water and helps reduce water consumption-1

11. Eco Kettle

Often while boiling water we do not check the amount and every time we end up putting more water in the vessel than actually needed which also means wasting unnecessary energy.

An eco kettle accurately measures the amount of water to be boiled with the help of an internal reservoir which tells you the capacity of water which is ready to use, the measuring button allows the needed quantity to be released in a separate vessel for boiling.

As a result you can right amount of water every time which is good for you as well as for the energy.

Eco kettle that saves water

– Asmita Madan