5 Factors Affecting Cost of Modular Kitchen

What is the cost of Modular Kitchen?

A lot of people today opt for modular kitchens in their homes. Gone are the days when one ran after carpenters to do up their homes and chose designs that were billed as per convenience and someone else’s whims. Many websites give an indicative pricing of the Modular kitchen on basis of a rough design. Most of the times, this costing may not match your budget requirements. So it is always

Factors Affecting Cost Of Modular Kitchen

The cost of the modular kitchen is affected majorly by 5 aspects

  • Material of which the kitchen cabinets is to be made
  • Finishes
  • Number of Modules
  • Kitchen accessories
  • Inbuilt appliances

The budget of the kitchen can be adjusted according to your need with the correct choice of the mentioned utilities, we give an elaborated description of each of these utilities to help you make an informed decision.


1. Materials Used to Make Kitchen Cabinets

  • Plywood

plywood is increasingly being used in the designing of kitchens. plywood is derived from a special type of wood panel, which is initially processed and then manufactured. Wood veneer is extensively used to obtain plywood. Also, to give the wood an exquisite finish, its surface is polished and laminated.

  • Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) Modular Kitchen

MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard) is commonly known as factory made or engineered wood. It is created by pressuring special wood fibres together and combining with resin binder. MDF has smooth texture and come with a great finish when used with a suitable laminate that complements your taste. However, MDF are not as strong as other materials, it is therefore not preferred for high density regions.

  • Solid Wood Modular Kitchen

Wood is an age-old construction material. Wood is used for creating base, shelves, back panel, walls or doors of modular kitchen cabinet. Wood is preferred over other material because of it high durability, aesthetic value and finish. The appeal is raw and classic and after polish, the looks of wooden modular kitchens is remarkable.

But Wood is rarely used in India for manufacturing of Modular Kitchen cabinets.

  • Stainless Steel Modular Kitchen

Stainless steel kitchen is often chosen as a preferred option as it helps the users get rid of issues like water leakage and termites. Stainless steel in addition to catering to these issues provide a long lasting lustrous appeal.

However, disadvantages like high cost as compared to wood and good conductor of electricity makes it a doubtable material.

Material that you choose for your Modular kitchen will affect the cost factor. While choosing material, you should consider the effect of humidity, water leakage, heat, friction and load on the material.


2. Finishes

This is one of the most important factor to decide while choosing the setup of your modular kitchen, there is a plethora of finishes available in the market which would affect the overall cost of the project, choices can be made based on the budget and theme. Following are some of the many options.

  • Laminate Matt Finish

Matt finish is known for its fine and smooth texture and low maintenance which has made it a considerably opted choice. The matt finish has impressive visual effect on people and is considered classy and clean.

Like other finishes matt also comes in a wide range of colour which could easily gel in with your current theme of interiors.

The smooth texture and low maintenance requirement of matt finish have made it hugely popular.

The Problem with Laminate Matt Finish is that the edges are sharp and its difficult to clean the surface from oil stains.



  • Acrylic finish

Acrylic is highly durable, and provides a glossy look.

Highly recommended for its durability factor, resistant to humidity and UV rays and hence considered last longing. Along with its functional aspects its glossy appearance and wide options of vibrant colours is always a treat to eyes.



  • Laminate Gloss Finish (Core Laminates)

Laminate finish gives you the best of both worlds (Laminates and Acrylic finish).  Its natural yet modern and chic. It is considered superior to its other counter parts in terms of its appearance.

Though it looks like a lavish and expensive choice it is a really pocket friendly option, It is available in affordable prices and has approximately double lifespan of any other material.



  • Veneer Finish

Veneer finish is an ideal choice for minimalistic and modern look, veneer itself has a range of colours and textures to choose from.

It needs maintenance and lacks resistance towards humidity and could lead to discolouration due to UV rays.



  • Stainless Steel Finish

Stainless is known for being non-corrosive which makes it ideal for a kitchen, where it will be subjected to heat, humidity and water. It is a long-lasting option that can be considered if you are looking for a metallic look and lustre in your kitchen.

The look can also be modified by getting stainless-steel finish swirled or embossed.



  • Membrane Finish

This is one of the conventional finishes, it is high in durability as well is light on the pocket.

It is widely known for its smoothness, polish, resistance to water and humidity.



  • Glass Finish

Glass finish is not commonly seen yet it is the highest degree of sophistication that can achieved.

You can opt for glass finish to make you kitchen look impressively futuristic, though durability and safety factors are to be kept in mind while deciding on this finish. The impressive range of colours provide high gloss finish to the kitchen.



Adding accessories in your kitchen cabinets will help your workplace to be organized and easy to use, clean and will add extra space. On the other hand, while choosing Appliances, you should look for your budget. Hob, chimney, microwave or oven are the basic needs and these appliances comes in various range, you can choose according to you budget. Don’t go unnecessarily for high-end appliances if not required.


4. Accessories/Fittings in a modular kitchen

With superior interior design styles, and state-of-the-craft cabinets, the trendy kitchen accessories required to turn the kitchen space advantageous are elaborated below:

  1. Drawer Inserts

Drawer inserts are one of the most important and indispensable accessory of modular kitchen, drawer inserts can be of various types depending on its usage. Drawer inserts aids the functionality of the of the kitchen by making everything easily accessible hence making the kitchen efficient and manageable.

Drawers can be customised with door front, casters and holders.



  1. Roll Out Cabinets

Roll out cabinets give an edge to use full height cabinets as well as roll out cabinets for corner areas therefore making storage in inaccessible areas. It can be used to store all cooking utensils and can be easily accessed to whenever required. Sometimes casters are also used to provide additional support to the cabinets.



  1. Drawer Dividers

Drawers can come with flexible dividers to be adjusted according to the use and systematically place utensils.



  1. Pull out Pantries

Pull out pantries are usually seen in big kitchen but can be accommodated in the smaller ones as well with the help of the correct fixture, these helps to keep the kitchen clutter free by organising your pantry in one common area. This would enable an easy cooking experience by providing everything in an approachable area.



  1. Custom Pan

Custom pan makes you kitchen look more dramatic, usually most advised for kitchens with island countertop. It provides the much-required anchor storage space by subtly adding to the character of the kitchen.



  1. Open Shelving

Open shelving makes your kitchen more liveable, modular kitchen should be an amalgamation of closed cabinets and open shelving to make a breathable looking décor. It is not necessary to close all cabinets, small area’s like area next you electronic gadgets and refrigerators can be kept for open shelves giving kitchen an aesthetically alive and uplifting mood.



  1. Glass Shelves

Glass shelves are preferred for its clarity and eye catching looks. One can easily make out what is stored inside of the cabinets which makes them the best of both worlds, good on function as well as looks.

Translucent glass or tinted glass can be used to create more dramatic and desirable effect.



  1. Corner Drawers

Corner drawers are adored majorly because of the innovative way of using the area wasted in the corners. Corner drawers are installed diagonally into the corners to maximise use of the limited space.

The fact that they are diagonally built; it makes them deeper from inside and hence allow you to store big kitchen essentials, they are sometimes attached with roll out fixtures which makes it easier to store and access utensils stored.



  1. Pull out Trash Can

Trash if left open in an open kitchen can lead to discomfort and leave a bad impression on people, also it spoils the overall look of the kitchen, hence a hidden, pull-out trash can is essential in a modular kitchen. These can be placed in the small neglected area in the kitchen adding furthermore to the effective space utilisation.


  1. Appliance Counter/Garage

Appliance counter is a common platform where you can store all your appliances clutter free. The counter is used for storing your toaster, blender and mixer at an appropriate distance to enable comfortable cooking.

Appliance_Counter/Garage_ Kitchen

5. Inbuilt appliances in a modular kitchen

Built in appliances in a modular kitchen ensure an efficient design, rathe than buying appliances individually modular kitchen built in options cut down on hassle of going through product list and buying them individually, you can choose from a range of appliances to be incorporated with the modular kitchen design to ensure complete all in one functional kitchen. The built-in options available to choose from are elaborated below:

  1. Hobs and Hoods

Hobs and hoods comprise of stove and hood or chimney above it, this one of the bsic needs of the kitchen. You can choose between various options depending upon the number of burners, material, shape and colour.



  1. Induction Cooking and Heating Counter

Induction cooking is an eco-friendly way of cooking which is operated with electricity, and are a safer option as no fire is involved and hence make it easier for even kids to cook.

Induction heated counter tops are also incorporated in island type and breakfast counter top kitchens to keep the food warm when served.



  1. Kitchen Chimney

Chimney is really important in an open kitchen plan, even more important in Indian kitchens where spicy food is cooked, they work as an exhaust placed just above the hood.

Chimneys come in various range, are electronically operated, have light fixtures, self-cleaning technologies and various design options as per choice.



  1. Fridge

We cannot do without a fridge, its advised to get an inbuilt fridge along with the modular kitchen to get a more efficient design and structured storage. Fridge has options of cool and hot water dispensers attached to it, sometimes the pantry shelve is so designed such that it can function with the fridge.



  1. Microwave/Oven

Microwave, oven or microwave oven is best suited when bough with the modular kitchen set up, they have sleek design options to incorporate these utilities near the hob for an easy cooking experience.



  1. Dishwasher

Built-in Dishwashers are powered with cutting-edge technology and greater performance. These can be little more expensive than you’d expect, but are highly efficient and designed with energy saving features. The finest dishwashers are equipped with sharp stainless steel interiors, adjustable racks, and various spray units including multiple wash cycles. They also provide dry options and eco-friendly wash.



  1. Water Purifier

Water purifier, Ro systems are placed around the dishwashers such than the waste water from these can be utilised in dish washing, it provides and efficient and eco-friendly design option.

Furthermore, water purifiers are often combined with water dispensers and make a combined unit, hence cutting down on the space requirement.



  1. Coffee Machine

In built coffee machine is considered as luxury when it comes to build in appliances, high end modular kitchen set ups give customisable options for built in coffee machines.



  1. Wine Chiller

Wine chiller is another high end built in appliance, it has a separate shelve with optimum temperature maintained for wines, it’s a head up for all wine lovers.



  1. Barbeque Grill

Last but not the least, barbeque grills are becoming increasing famous and are mostly customised with island type modular kitchen or even in modular kitchen where breakfast counter is provided.



– By Anushree Bhattacharjee

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