The Four Walls – Ultimate Sophistication

Four walls interior isn’t just about the way a room looks, but about the way it makes you feel.
The walls are visualization of a concrete idea . It is an explanation of an art .Its a space of emotions.
The four walls should revolve around the idea of the experiences it gives to the occupants.
The walls not only defines the shape of a space, they also supports the floors and roofs
They segregate the interior and exterior space.
The walls creates the enclosed void in the open environment and in the architecture language we call it The Space.
“Four walls, limitless possibilities – It doesn’t about having the cool wallpaper , the cool ways to use the wallpaper is important.
Wallpaper is inviting . It gives all who pass an invitation to come in .
The wallpaper or any texture can bring the movement , it can create a focal point
Wrapping the walls is the way to unwrap all the sensation .
“The homogenous texture , the paintings, or the few pieces of hardware can make a room dignified”
The uncommon touch and the drama of the walls can bring the thrill ..



  1.  Spatial factors

    Interior is an amalgamation of many spaces:
    Social space: the space for get together .
    Active space: the space where different activities are carried .
    Private space: the personal space of an occupant .
    The design and the colour choice of the wall should speak about its zone. Nowadays there are open-plans, but still the defined areas can be created by zoning spaces with a change in flooring, colour or lighting and the most important is the wall texture articulation.

  2. Sensory factors

    The sensory aspects of design – acoustics, air quality, colour. One of the most important is light, as it regulates our body clock and has a huge impact on our mood .Playing with the foreground background , placing two contrasting things together , focusing on an element , use of a window coverings that can control the light . The factors together can boost the senses

  3. Biophilic factors

    Biophilic design: design which reconnects us to nature
    “Plants provide aesthetics and oxygen – both important.
    Natural element can associate with human values . It uplifts the experience.
    Its character emphasise the structure and creates a huge statement .
    It’s easy to incorporate scents, textures and by adding houseplants, or buying furniture made from natural materials , by creating vertical garden wall . It will create beautiful design .

  4. Practical factors

    The design is at its best if we add some practical system for its long lasting impact . Proper finishes , water proofing , sound resistance , heat resistance are important factors which will bring cherry on the icing .

  • WHEN MID-CENTURY MEETS CHINOISERIE CHIC (a style or art decoration reflecting Chinese qualities or motifs)

The transitional space combined with CHINOISERIE CHIC and splash of MID-CENTURY MODERN. The palette was gold and floral detail print, with contrasting backdrops in light colour blending with the wallpaper.
The use of paintings with blues and greens creates a cohesive yet entirely personal scheme.



This image creates its own drama : layers of texture, natural essence and wood, and a splash of sunny yellow what uplifts the whole design .The furniture seems to glow when juxtaposed with a black wall.
The blending of this vintage-looking wood bed prevents the space from becoming too grim.
The whole frame is visually exciting because two opposite things are parallely projecting on each other.



The space has a mid-century feel tempered with modern furnishing , such as the French glass windows . It creates perfect summer vibes , cool colours with the calmly entering diffuse light is like a sun drop on white flower.

The light hardwood flooring fill the space . The homogenous tone of the space make it one entity . and the attention grabbing element is the mismatched chairs all together gives the beautiful look of sunny beach with filter light .

Its not just a wall but the play of colours , lights , texture which go with the flow.
Why can’t? why can’t you blend two style together to get a perfect hybrid design.
The design is your imagination your requirement . It can be dark , very dark to feature night . Th integrity of the elements can bring the splendid relief . Its all about balance the dark wall can be associate with the bright element to prevent coziness and brighten those dark Nordic winter days.


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