How to Harvest Rainwater in Your Own Garden

In a country like India, where the value of water has reached heights owing to its scarcity and rapid depletion, the practice of rainwater harvesting is being appreciated and gaining popularity.

Not just on larger scales, but also when it comes to vegetable and flower gardens in the house – rainwater harvesting provides solutions for increasing water demands.

Creating a Rain water Harvesting system in your own garden

Besides, our country witnesses several seasons throughout the year, the gardener needs to make sure he harvests some water during the rainy season to go on in the dry months as well. Water has come to be treated as a precious source these days.

Rainwater harvesting for the home has benefits you don’t realize. Firstly, it is possible to collect a large amount of rainwater sufficient for gardening purposes from the roof surface.

A Rain water harvesting tank covered with jali on all sides

Secondly, plants love the natural rainwater and are sure to blossom even better when nurtured in it. Besides, rainwater is completely free – not just of charges but also from restrictions.

So here are a few suggestions as to how to go about harvesting some rainwater for your home needs from your own garden. Have a look!

Roof rain water channelled into garden in backyard

1. A rain Garden of your Own

What if you can convert some part of your garden into a rain garden? The concept of a rain garden revolves around a sunken yard which is vegetated with innate plants, indigenous soil and mulch.

It serves to allow easy and rapid percolation of rainwater into the soil, which results in a fresh and healthy-looking garden for all of the year. Downspouts and gutters can assist in the directing of the rainwater into the sunken garden

Cross Section of a typical rain water harvesting garden

2. Beautiful Rain Chains

A DIY option for you to go for, rain chains can be made out of all things simple and easy. They are in popularity because of their comparative attractiveness over ugly PVC downspouts. They collect and direct rainwater to storage drums or containers placed underground or hidden beyond sight.

Beautiful rain water channelled into a pit filled with stones for rain water harvesting

3. Installing Rain Barrels

You can upcycle large dustbins or drums into rain barrels, wherein you need to connect the drum by means of a pipe that collects rainwater from relevant sources such as rooftops, verandas or gardens.

As a means pf precaution against mosquito breeding, you may either fasten the barrel with an air-tight stopper or pour a film of edible oil over the water surface – both serving the same purpose of cutting off air supply.

Rain water barrels to store water from roof top

Creating A rain Reservoir

You could have a dedicated portion in your garden that acts as a rain reservoir. Water that has been collected and directed from gardens and roofs can be stored in the reservoirs for later usage. This water can be used for watering plants and cleaning pavers, watering the lawn as well serving other purposes in the garden.

Rain water from roof top channelled into pipes and into barrels

– Sourav Suman