Is it rightly said? the most important decisions are taken under the shower. So Can bathrooms be as beautiful as your living room? Yes, the most visited & frequent place has to be designed & executed properly.

The longer you be in the bath, the more wrinkled you get. That wrinkle is worth & beautiful when you have a bathroom that tells you stories. Stories that make you forget the outer world.

In the end, Sometimes all you need is a warm hot shower & a cold face wash. Keep on reading to know how innovative ideas takes your bathroom to a place that matters & to find the answer to the question.

#1. Flooring Matters

Be it plain or a pattern, flooring is the best element to play. Creating patterns or going minimal, every aspect has a soothing impact on people. Hiding every corner of the bathroom with a element of joy that makes you remember your walk.

One can use natural flooring as well as create their own. Just keep in mind the durability & comfort level that will probably increase the functionality of the space.

Unique bathroom flooring in shape of tear drops
Unqiue bathroom flooring in wooden mats surrounded by pebbles
Unique bathroom flooring made in small stones of various colours
Unique bathroom flooring in pattern made with peacock feather colors

#2. Handpick Every faucet

Faucets are used to control the water flow, but more importantly they are the face of your bathroom. There is no. of faucets available in the market with a high level of comfort & work ability but what matters the most is the “Aesthetics”, sleekness & material.

From censors taps to manual, the most treading & durable material is the stainless steel faucets & they are aesthetically appealing.  Brass & copper faucets are used where corrosion is a problem.They are costly as well as one time investment.

Avoid using plastic faucets as they break easily & doesn’t add to the beauty. Colors also play an important role. The below images will clear your mind about how beautiful stainless steel faucets & copper faucets are:

Unique design faucet foor wash basin
Unique shower design
Copper faucet shower and mixer
black powder coated shower, faucet and mixer

#3. Go Outdoors

Bored of the same old routine? You can make your bathroom designed in the outdoors too. Just spot a private zone in your bungalow or make one. This will take you close too nature, not only the close but it also provides you with serenity & with a refreshing mood every morning. So go ahead & design your own smaller version of private beach.

You can use the plantations that act as the screening & trees that throw water by installing pipes in them going all nature. Don’t worry If you don’t have that scope, then you can use all natural elements in the interiors.

Bathroom designed in greenery and admist a garden
Open well bathroom with a wooden beam as shower

#4. Never avoid Designing The Ceilings

Most of the times we only consider the walls & floors in our designs leaving the ceilings blank. Whereas, apart from storage or lighting fixtures, ceilings can be used for skylights to take in natural light at the same time a shower outlet that gives you the feeling of rain shower.

Skylights are not only for bedrooms & living rooms. Go ahead & break this rule to experience whole new different ambience while taking a shower.

Skylight installed in ceiling of a bathroom
unique design ceiling with inbuilt shower

#5. Never Stare at a Blank Wall

Apart from using only tiles you can go with vertical gardens. Vertical garden gives you the essence of nature. It can also be used to screen unwanted views in the outdoor bathrooms & sometimes in interiors. They can be easily maintained & doesn’t need much of a maintenance & easy to reach. They are visually appealing than a blank wall & improves the air quality. You can also go with natural stones & wood.

Vertical green wall in a bathroom as focal point

#6. Washbasin - The Main Character of The Film

Yes, you read it right using the right wash basin takes your bathroom to a new level. There are a lot of designing options readily available in the market. But in the end every element should go hand in hand, One merging with the other.

To do so, here you can go with a theme or design your own. Be it counter top, wall hanged, below the counter or cantilevered adding a concept to the wash basin always is a good idea by using the water flow or the shape of the basin. Just go ahead & break the monotony.

Unique style wash basin idea-2
Unique style wash basin idea-1

Coming back to the question, Is it rightly said? The most important decisions are taken under the shower.

The answer is NO! the most important decisions are taken under the shower, in the presence of vertical garden, with the sleekness of faucets watching you & the water flow telling you the story of its journey from inlet to the outlet & you standing on the natural stone flooring with skylights giving you sunbaths.

Yes, you imagine it right. If not just go ahead and turn this into reality by going ahead with any point that you like. Do remember all the elements completely make a bathroom, you just have to add a pinch of the above mentioned points to make every second & every design matter.

– Ovais Bhati