Kitchen Backsplash Ideas for Your Home

The kitchen is that space of your house for the design of which you often choose to opt out of creativity. The kitchen is seen more of as a functional enclosure with no importance to aesthetics, innovation and some fun. In our opinion, the kitchen definitely deserves much more attention in terms of creativity and fervour.

Kitchen backlash with designer Tiles

Kitchen backsplashes are not just to protect the kitchen wall from dampening and damaging due to spills and splashes, but they also serve as the first piece that catches the eye, besides kitchen furniture.

The backsplash can either make the kitchen look pretty boring or quite interesting all at once. Hence, it must be seen as having more than a functional aspect only.


1. White Kitchen Blacksplash with Simple patterns

If formal is what you prefer going for, white is the way to tread on. White is timeless, effortless and chic. White kitchens look good with almost anything – wood, metal or kitsch.

White backsplashes are also ideal in the sense they do not take centre stage in the kitchen and allow for other features such as kitchen furniture, cabinets, chandeliers, and fixtures to dominate the overall appeal.

Though we are keeping the colour base simple, we might have a play with the style – herringbone pattern, zigzag pattern or tiled – the choice is all yours.


2. Stone Kitchen backsplash

Stone wins half the game for you. Attractive, robust and unique – stone backsplashes are sure to stand out in the composition. The stone maybe ashlar type – well shaped, uniform, smooth and neat.

kitchen backsplash ideas in stone

3. rubble rough Textured Kitchen Backsplash

Or you may choose to go for rubblework – rough, textured, irregular and non-uniform. Each has its own appeal and adds a different vibe to the kitchen. We suggest going for such a style if industrial or rustic is your go-to style.


4. Theme based Kitchen Backsplash

Getting randomly creative is all good and fine when it comes to kitchen backsplashes. You may go for quirky themes and unique tiles, which might be inspired from things all random. The best is to decide a schematic composition according to your vision and requirement and then go ahead with it. There’s always room for some customisation, you see.

Kitchen backlash with worldmap wallpaper

5. Exposed Brick Kitchen Backsplash

Exposed bricks are a great option if you want to try out something unique and warm. Exposed brick, though costly, is sure to add a sense of rugged perfection to the elevation of the kitchen and is best paired with white walls and furniture, so as to bring out the contrast even more. Consider going for exposed brick backsplashes if you are designing in industrial fashion.


6. Colour Glass Kitchen Backsplash

Coloured glass backsplash walls are good as far as the composition rendering is concerned. The elevation is sure to look different and eye-catching. You may go for sceneries and themes of your choice, and might even match other components to the style or design of the backsplash.


7. Highlighting backsplash with Undercabinet lights

Lighting up the backsplash in an attractive fashion is what is a most important factor when designing the elevation of the kitchen. Undercabinet lights are the most suitable and approved fashion for the backsplash and can be used to highlight the texture and pattern of the backsplash even better.


There is no end to lending unique designs for the kitchen backsplash. Curves and lines. Squares and circles, ordered or random stuff – you need to try and fit in what is best for your kitchen through a number of alternatives and design considerations.

Kitchen Backsplash Idea Daltile Copper Slate

Tiles are the most usual and commonly used backsplash for homes. Tiles might be either monotonous and monochrome, or there might be a play with colour schemes and patterns for the same.

Kitchen Backlash in curved design

The best idea is to choose from an array of several alternatives. These might depend on the individual’s tastes and design sensibility. The comfort – visual and spatial – has a role to play.

– Sourav Suman