Tips to Make Any Compact Room Bigger

In today’s times when population is more and space is less and highly expensive particularly in the metro cities it has become important to design our small and compact spaces in such a way that it gives the feeling or illusion of making it look bigger when actually it is not .

This can be done by implementing some smart hacks. So some of the major tips for making a space look bigger are:-

Things To be

1. The Colour Theory

Colors plays a big impact in our lives and also in the spaces we live in. Just by altering some color options a space can look much more spacious than actually it is. Darker colors always make the space look more compact mostly because they have a tendency of absorbing light coming into the space.

So the very first tip would be to paint the WALLS and FLOORS of lighter colors like whites and grays or may be even crème the idea is so paint the walls of neutral colors from floor to ceilings, or if you have a beam drop or a fall ceiling in your room then you can paint a neutral color on the wall and pick a color of the same color family for the ceiling above this will maintain the unity.          

Colours to be used to make rooms bigger-2
Colours to be used to make rooms bigger-1

2. Playing with Patterns

Putting wallpapers of lighter color on the walls with a free and spacious pattern then a small and dense pattern make the walls looks larger in size. Also to experiment with the ceilings you can even put a light color wallpaper on the ceilings or use a light color paint to make longer stripes pattern on the ceiling which will make the space look taller, also it will easily take the viewers eyes to look up above and something which is making you look up definitely denotes the depth of the space.

To experiment with the floors you can choose lighter color of flooring, like light and long striped patterned tiles or just large size of white, crème or grey tiles. Also you can place some vertical patterns of rugs and carpets in your room and even placing multiple small – small rugs will make the room look bigger and longer.

Always remember if you choose a dark color of flooring it will dominate the overall space making it look small and cozy.

3. Furniture

The type and placement of your furniture also plays a very important role in making the space look bigger. For e.g. If you are placing a multiple set of furniture in your room like a large couch and two small chairs in front of it with a big centre table all of this will not only make the space look more cluttered and unorganized but also make it look smaller.

So always choose furniture according to your need like if you need 7 people seating in your living room you can have a big L- SHAPED sofa placed near to the wall this will save the space and make it look big.

The placement of the furniture in the room also plays a vital role you should always place your furniture little away from wall which will give the feeling of a lot of space. Also make a lot of vertical storages which will save your horizontal space and make the room look taller. Using of hidden storage or using your centre table as storage can also be a great option for those who want a lot storage spaces in their space.

Always try to place furniture till the ceiling level if you are customizing them and when you are directly purchasing them from the market or if you have a long floor to ceiling level then keep in mind to choose a height of the furniture longer than your door level.

Furniture used to make rooms look bigger-4

4. Decor/artifacts

Decoration material is something which looks small but actually it ends up taking a lot of space while making the room look unorganized and smaller. So for choosing the right piece of wall frames, show – pieces and even fabrics like curtains is very important. Instead of installing a lot of décor items in the room use LESS AND LARGE pieces.

Like choosing a large wall frame over head your bed or couch instead of smaller pieces. Using  bold and rich colors of empty vases over the corner tables of centre tables. Using of large dramatic and abstract pieces of art also helps in making the room look more lavish and gives the feeling of a large space. You should also use full length sheer curtains for the window so that maximum amount of sunlight and come in the room and make it look more appealing.

Use of mirrors in a room also helps a lot in making it look bigger as it creates and a lot of reflection in the room which makes the space looks bigger. For creating the maximum amount of impact of mirrors in the room use two mirrors on opposite walls.

– Asmita Madan