Traditional vs Modern Interior Decor

Two of the most fundamental interior decors are the Traditional and Modern. Although it can’t be confused for one another, because there’s a world of difference, this comparison will give you an elaborate idea as to which design you should go in for.

Interior Decor

Traditional Interior Decor is a design inspired by the 19th century period. That was a time when comfort and indegeniety was given the top most priority. It was a time when emphasis was laid on dark wooden flooring and furnitures, and floral patterns.

Traditional Interior Decor

Modern Interior Decor came about after the 19th century when people started believing that form should include functionality. In this design, emphasis is laid on a more minimalist theme, with furniture occupying less space, but with sufficient storage.

  1. Paint up your walls

Traditional interior decor focuses on brightly painted rooms. Paints that grab your attention the moment you walk in. Bright pastel shades or different hues of a vibrant colour is what you’re looking for. These bright colors give out a warm and welcoming look to the entire room.

Paint Walls

Since modern interior decor focuses on making the place look neat and spaced out, subtle, sober shades will work wonders. A light colour scheme will help enhance the lighting of the room and make the room look bigger.



  1. Flooring

Dark wooden flooring is one of the trademarks of the traditional interior decor. It was predominantly used in the 18th century, hence comes under the traditional decor. It has a regal appeal to it and helps enrich the entire look.

wooden flooring

Light wooden flooring has a modern aspect to it. It has a refined finish and gives out an aura of the changing times. Light wooden flooring tends to go with all kind of furniture and doesn’t make things seem to gawdy. This is yet again, another feature of the modern decor that makes the room look bigger, brighter and spaced out.

Light wooden flooring

  1. Fabric for drapes and sofas

Floral and multicolored print is prevalent in traditional interiors. They’re charming and have an alluring captivity to them. They have a feminine touch to them and give out a homey feel. But one thing to remember is that, they can get dirty and it’s difficult to clean them. So, going in for a black or brown based fabric with flowers or patterns made with a light colour will work wonders. It’ll not only look brilliant and different, but is also easier to maintain.

Fabric for drapes and sofas

Since modern interiors excel in lowering your work, the sofas and curtains will be low maintenance. Since modern interiors are classically plain, the curtains and the sofa fabrics are either plain colour or with geometric, symmetric patterns. They will even out the look of the room and look beautiful.

Fabric for drapes and sofas 2

  1. Extra Furniture

If you’re going in for a traditional look, you’re in luck because there are plenty of beautiful furniture out there. Every piece of furniture from that era is exquisite. Every piece of furniture will make you look twice. They are all well crafted and have intricate patterns on them. Usually they are made of heavy wood and are available in various hues of brown. Maintaining them isn’t a very difficult task either, all they take is some dusting from time to time.

Furniture Design

Modern furniture focus on functionality just as much as they do on the look. They usually are chic and neatly spaced out in design. They have ample storage because of the functionality aspect of the decor, but they aren’t too space consuming either. They come in various designs and sizes to suit your convenience. These are also low maintenance because they won’t get dirty easily and are quite durable too.

  1. Kitchen

Kitchens in traditional interiors tend to be huge with widely spaced furniture. Cabinets and drawers can either be neatly polished, made of heavy wood, or a distressed wood for a different look. Distressed wood may not have been prevalent among the aristocrats in the 18th century, but they definitely were a part of that period. The appliances used may not have been a part of that century, but in today’s world, you cannot do without them. What you could perhaps do is that, you could buy the appliances following a subtle beige or rust colour scheme. It will melt into the look of the room and also look excellent.

Traditional Kitchen Interior

Modern kitchens bode well with the changing times. They have a symmetrical accuracy to them and tend to make life easier. They are designed to have a lot of storage and incorporate the facilities needed to help save time. Cupboard and shelves are sometime built into the wall to increase space.

  1. Wall Hangings and Show Pieces

There are so many antiquities and ornamented hangings for a traditional decor. The only thing you have to remember while decorating your house is that it should not look cluttered. They are so beautiful, they tend to grab all the attention. It should be strategically placed in certain places so that they enhance the room tenfold.

Wall hangings and show pieces

Candles, mirrors and paintings are what are most commonly used in modern interior decor. They are sleek and beautiful. They stand out and tend to get everyone’s attention. They aren’t difficult to maintain and are cost efficient too.

Wall hangings and show pieces 2



-By Varshini Sudhinder

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