How to choose The perfect color for A Gorgeous interior

One of the major mistakes people makes these days is picking out the wrong colour for their home. With thousands of different shades and hues popping up in the paint industry, the mistakes people make are just as many.

The general mindset is to experiment with every bright colour that is there on the market. This is a big no go because the result is catastrophic. You will find yourself in a living room that looks like a page from the Jungle Book.

A lot of factors have to be taken in while choosing the paint pallet. For instance, there is the lighting, furniture and size of a room. For beginners, here is a list of paint types you could use:

1. Go Pastel!

Pastel colours are the simplest way to go. They give the room a comforting, elegant and soft feel. So basically, if you are going with pastel colours, stick to light coloured furniture. Make sure nothing stands out too boldly. Have the room fitted with many windows as possible because pastel colours look their best under natural light? And for lighting, stick to basic white light as opposed to incandescent.A light rose, blue or event pastel green will look great!

Pastel Coloured Living Room

2. Dark for The Bedroom

Bedrooms look great in a darker tone. Grey and dark blue, for instance, compliment a king-sized bed like none other. Truth is, darker deeper colours could easily lull you to sleep more easily. Remember to make the sheets and furniture to match the paint. White tile or marble floors, dark wood furniture would complement the blue. Keep the lighting to a minimum and you are off to having a gorgeous bedroom.

Dark Blue colour Bedroom wall

3. Go Green in the Bathroom

Picking out the right colour for your bathroom is wildly difficult. You want to make the place look natural and comfortable as well. Which is why white and green is the best option you have. Nothing makes a place look more natural than green. Paint the wall a deep light green. Getting your tiles and ceramics white won’t be a problem. Have a good spacious window fitted in and lighting of your choice as long as there is lots of it?

Green colour bathroom wall

4. Contrast the Living Room

With the living room, furniture is more important than the colour. 2016 has seen a number of great new styles of living rooms come out. Before deciding on the paint colour, pick out a spectacular seating range and a centrepiece or coffee table. Everything else, you can decide based on this. If the couch is of standing colour, choose the same one for the walls. However, if you have bought leather couches, black, brown or white, stick to a bright plain white colour for your walls. It is preferable that the coffee table is dark wood or dark painted metal, as it goes with everything.

Contrast living room colours

5. Lighten up the Dining Place

The best colour for your dining room is peach. The colour is warm and friendly. Be it daytime under light or at dinner under yellow light, the room will look just as great. Any table and chair set will look good in this setting. If peach is not an option, stick to similar colours such as lilac, rose or beige. It will do you a deal of good while hosting your next dinner party.

Peach coloured bedroom walls

– Sushmita Baskaran