The Science of Vastu Shastra – Way to Plan Your House

Vastu Shastra, the ancient Indian and medieval knack that deals with the subject of Vastu which means Environment. One may also regard Vastu Shastra as good practice of designing buildings and spaces that are free from metaphysical forces and conducts human life in harmony such that they will bring health, wealth and serenity to the inhabitants.

Vastu Shastra follows the Vastu Purusha Mandal. The mandala helps in deciding the whereabouts of various activities in a building.

Vastu Purasha Mandal

So here are a few Vastu tips classified on the basis of different spaces in a dwelling.

Vaastu Principles for Different Parts of the House

1. Vaastu Tips for Plot

The selection of plot is very important since it represents the form location and orientation of the house. These three factors further affect the radiation of positive as well as negative energies. So for the selection of a plot, these few factors must be considered-

  • Regularly shaped plots such as rectangular or square are the most auspicious ones according to Vastu Shastra because these plot shapes help in financial growth, brings prosperity and happiness in the house.
  • Shapes such as oval circular or semi-circular are not considered auspicious as this kind of plots tend to restrict the growth of an individual and also causes various health problems losses and lack of happiness in the house.
  • Plot with either pathway on all four sides or plots with roads in north or east direction is considered the best options as they ensure good health, wealth and happiness for the residents.
  • As per the Vastu Shastra, all the directions are considered good. The plot can face in any of the direction either on east west north or south. Each of the direction has its own advantages.

2. Vaastu Tips for Main Entrance Gate

Entrance it the gateway from which all the energies constantly enter or exit the house. Hence the position of this gate must be decided with utmost care so as to abstain the house from further problems.

Main Entrance Vastu Tips
  • The best direction for the entrance gateway is north and east sides.
  • Make sure that the entrance is free from any sort of trash or clutter to make the surrounding positive.
  • Avoid placing any underwater or septic tank under the entrance gateway.
  • The entrance should always be well lit as it invites positive energies.

3. Vaastu Tips of Kitchen

Kitchen plays a vital role in maintaining the positive and negative energies in the house as it is the hub where all the energies prevail. So few things that must be considered are as follows

Vastu Tips for Kitchen
  • The best directions for the placement of kitchen are south-east or north-west. The south-east direction is governed by the fire lord hence it must the first priority.
  • Water sink must be placed in the northeast direction.
  • There should be no toilets adjoining or above the kitchen.
  • The door of the kitchen should never face the toilet.

4. Vaastu Tips for Living Room / Drawing Room

It is that part of the house where the members of the family spend most of their time and are also used to entertain guests as well as visitors. Hence this component of the house reveals whether the house bodes well with the family members or not. So to ensure that we need to take an account of the following considerations

Vastu Tips for Living area
  • Colour walls with lighter shades as they promote calmness and affection.
  • Make sure that the northeast corner of the living room/drawing room is clutter free.
  • Use of potted plants and paintings related to nature or scenery not only enhances the tranquillity of the room but also generates positive energy.
  • Keeping artificial flowers or dried flowers are considered inauspicious and also attracts misfortune.

5. Vaastu Tips for Bedroom

The bedroom is as important as the other parts of the room. It is that place where we relax and gather energy for the whole day. So, it is necessary to make sure that the room is in a favourable concord.

Vastu Tips for Bedroom Area
  • The bedroom should not be in the south-east direction.
  • Mirrors should not be located inside the bedroom as they lead to frequent quarrels amongst the members of the house.
  • The bed should be located such that your head is towards the south or east direction as these directions bring good sleep and ensure long life.

6. Vaastu Tips for Puja Room

  • The pooja room must be situated in the northeast direction of the house.
  • Ideally there should be no idols in the pooja room. But if one wants to keep then the height of the idol should be from 9 to 2 inches.
  • The worship rooms should have doors or windows on either north or east side.
  • The colour of the walls should be lighter in shade for eg: white, cream, yellow, light blue.
  • For the worshiping of fire lord the kund must be made in the southwest direction.
  • A pooja room should not be made in a bedroom or a wall or adjacent to a bathroom wall.
Vastu Tips for Puja Room

7. Vaastu Tips for Bathroom

  • A bathroom must be placed in the eastern portion of the house.
  • A toiled should be constructed to the west of the building.
  • Shower taps must be attached on the northern wall.
  • If the toilet is attached along with the bathroom then the WC should be placed on the north-west side of the space.
  • Overhead tank must be placed in the south west portion.
  • Ventilator should be placed in the east or north direction
Vastu Tips for Bathroom

8. Vaastu Tips For Staircase

Most of the houses these days are multi storied so to bridge the gap between the two floors we need to build a staircase. So for that we need to first consider vastu shastra which would help us decide the shape size or direction of the stair.

Vastu Tips for Staircase
  • A staircase must be placed in the southern or western part of the house.
  • External staircase can be placed in the southern direction facing the east direction of the house.
  • A stair must not touch northern or eastern walls.
  • The first stair must commence from north direction and end in the south direction.
  • The number of stair should always be in odd digits.
  • Circular stairs are considered inauspicious according to vastu as they can cause bad health.
  • The space below the staircase can be used for storage but rooms such as bathroom, kitchen, or pooja room should never be built.

9. Vaastu tips for Choosing Colors for Your Home

The colours must be chosen aesthetically as they can either enhance your mood or doze you off. Psychologists believe that the use of lighter colour can make us feel calm and relax whereas brighter colours can trigger our anger and sometimes one may even feel suffocated.

Colours like red orange and yellow are considered as bright colours which depicts boldness anger and warmth. Whereas blue, white, green, pastel and neutral colours are considered as light colours which depict coolness, calmness, peace and compromise.

Vastu tips for choosing colors for home

10. Vaastu tips for Basement

According to vastu any vacant space beneath the house or a building is considered as inauspicious but in case we want to have a basement then the following guidelines must be taken in account:

vastu tips for basement areas
  • Basement should be built in northern or eastern direction of the house.
  • The purpose of basement can be for anything accept for living purpose.
  • Basement must be of regular or geometrical shape. Irregular shaped basement can cause health problems to the members of the house.
  • About ¼ area of the basement must be above the ground level. As it allows space for better ventilation.
  • Minimum height of the basement should be at least 2.5 meters.
  • Dark tints of colour must be avoided for basement as it can attract negative energy.

These were the few tips which would help in maintaining the tranquillity of the house and would surely help in gaining better health wealth and prosperity along with maintaining proper circulation and aesthetics of the house.

– Sonali Chauhan